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Recommended Aboriginal performers for your school event

  • Corey Theatre Music, singer, songwriter. https://www.facebook.com/CoreyTheatre 
  • Uncle Eddie Peters, a Torres Strait Islander man, living in Adelaide.tel 0403 195 675
  • Yellaka, a fusion of ancient traditional and contemporary Aboriginal dance, song and storytelling, performed proudly and respectfully by its young Aboriginal members. See contact details on their Facebook page.
  • Our recommendations are made based on professional and engaging performances by each of the above at HaSS SA's collaborative PD with KodalySA.

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Ngadjuri: Aboriginal people of the Mid North Region of South Australia



A full-colour, 148 page book, describing the country, Dreaming stories, language, traditional foods and life, archaeology, history from 1930s to today, interviews with Ngadjuri descendants, historical role play script and genealogies. It is a valuable resource adaptable for teaching early to senior secondary students. 

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Learn more about the 'Ngadjuri' book.

Cover_of_songbook_sml.jpgSongs for Aboriginal Studies and Reconciliation

A full-colour songbook and CD with 17 songs written by Adnyamathanha man, Buck McKenzie. It is suitable for kindergartens through to adults.

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Learn more about the Songbook and CD.

View the list of backing tracks and piano scores that can be downloaded from this website.

Terry Bradford, a friend of Buck McKenzie, has written a song 'McKenzie Highway' dedicated to Buck. It is performed by his band, the Texettes.