HaSS Associations and Groups

Our Humanities and Social Sciences organisation HASS SA, supports teachers with professional learning and resources for Australian Curriculum. Our member associations support our annual conference and other activities.

Member associations also offer separate professional learning activities and resources. Some focus mainly on senior secondary while others are inclusive of R-12 (now sometimes referred to as F-12).

HASS SA member association/group contacts:

Aboriginal Studies Educators Group email: hass.sa.online@gmail.com

Australian Association for Environmental Education https://www.aaeesa.org.au/

KESAB http://www.kesab.asn.au/

Business and Enterprise Teachers Association of SA

https://www.facebook.com/betasainc/   email: betasainc@gmail.com

Geography Teachers Association of SA

http://www.gtasa.asn.au /   

History Teachers Association of SA

www.htasa.org.au      email: dalbano@scotch.sa.edu.au

Legal Studies Teachers Association of SA http://www.letasa.asn.au

R-7 HASS group   hass.sa.online@gmail.com

South Australian Philosophy in Education Association  https://sapea.net/  email: saphilosophy@gmail.com



Making Humanities and Social Sciences Come Alive: Early Years and Primary Education, Green, DM & Price, DA (2019) Melbourne: Cambridge University Press.

Several members of HASS SA wrote chapters for this book.