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Ngadjuri: Aboriginal people of the Mid North Region of South Australia



A full-colour, 148 page book, describing the country, Dreaming stories, language, traditional foods and life, archaeology, history from 1930s to today, interviews with Ngadjuri descendants, historical role play script and genealogies. It is a valuable resource adaptable for teaching early to senior secondary students. 

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Cover_of_songbook_sml.jpgSongs for Aboriginal Studies and Reconciliation

A full-colour songbook and CD with 17 songs written by Adnyamathanha man, Buck McKenzie. It is suitable for kindergartens through to adults.

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View the list of backing tracks and piano scores that can be downloaded from this website.

Terry Bradford, a friend of Buck McKenzie, has written a song 'McKenzie Highway' dedicated to Buck. It is performed by his band, the Texettes.


Aboriginal_artists_in_South_Australia_cover.jpgAboriginal artists in South Australia

Features colour photos of a wide range of artists in their communities throughout South Australia, their artwork and interviews with them in their words. Some talk about their artwork and influences on their artwork while others tell very much about their life histories. It is indexed with artists' names, communities and types of art, eg photography, lino-cut, painting, jewellery, sculpture, pottery, etching, batik, artefacts.

116 pages, full colour. Please note that some of the artists have died since the book was published in 1998.

Cost $40, no GST included, plus $12 postage. Fewer than 20 copies remaining. Email order to sasose@adam.com.au